We’ve all been there...


Being stumped is no big deal. It happens all the time, but it becomes a big deal when you take too long to get past it.

We are here to help you get past it.


Jan is an exuberant creator who develops brands, writes content, books, courses, and manifestos, her soul to street approach wraps the soul of you and your work, in words plans and images that work on the street. she devotes herself to you Darlings of What Can Be who aspire to be yourselves as you build what excites you, even as she is doing.

You +Two Project

Your own real time think tank – In 30min chunks

Momentum is precious. Don’t lose it.

And well... here we are!



Ideas. Clarity. Feedback. Action.

Three minds clearing what’s got you stumped

Because we help each other get past what’s got us stumped. It’s an incredible rush to bring that kind of value – and to receive it.

How cool would it be, we wondered, to do what we do with each other with other entrepreneurs?

Riley is a Silicon Valley trained millennial who travels the world, meets amazing people, learns all he can about business, user experience, product creation, culture, philosophy, and science. Music is huge in his life, both as a fan and a musician. He has founded a start-up that serves new and seasoned global adventurers.

We're ready to clear whats got you stumped about things like wording, brand clarity, user experience, marketing, website, product development, and social media.

In other words, we are here to give you feedback, resources, and idea streams on any part of putting you and your business out there in a way that turns who you are into how you earn.  



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You + Two Project is an action-focus mind merge that helps clear away what’s got an entrepreneur stumped about any aspect of brand clarity, user experience, product development, website, and social media marketing. We offer feedback, resources, and idea streams in 30-minute blocks of time with the client by phone.

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⁠⁠You +Two Project

You +Two Project

How do I prepare for a call?

After you book time with us you will receive a short questionnaire to identify the focus of our call. This will cue us to the content & enable us to prepare in any way you feel helpful to us.

What’s the expected outcome of the call?

Clarity, content + ideas to keep you moving.

What if I want to hire you to create content, websites, and/or other services?

We will decide this based on your needs and our availability. If we can’t do it, we’ll recommend you to someone who can.

- Thirty-minute call with us


Your real time think tank.

Clarity, content, & ideas to keep you moving.

“My spark has been ignited again! I recently started to lose focus + feel stuck with a project that once had me so excited. I cannot say enough about the direct, strength-based, + useful feedback I received. They even put together an action plan. Thanks to you both, this girl is on FIRE!!!!”

-Michelle Varvaro, Confidence Coaching for Teens

“These two... what an incredible combination of spirit, wisdom, + smarts. Jan just simply gets you. She has an incredible ability to SEE you. A true gift. And Riley, such wisdom beyond his years. He can quickly grasp a topic + run with it with keen perception + insight. Helping you move forward is truly in their DNA.”

-Denise Cooly Ransome, Creator of Find your Avatar

-Jenna Arak, Freelance Writer

“Jan and Riley got me excited about my work again. They very quickly got to the core of what I love to do, and immediately showed me how to make it my work in the world—effectively and expansively serving other people, while also becoming a viable source of income for me. I couldn't wait to start implementing the ahas they shared with me when we got off the phone! These two are individually gifted and collectively brilliant. I can say, without hyperbole, that just 30 minutes with them will change your life!”